It's cold these days
She walks around in circles
More than she ever did before
Things are strange
She checks the mail
Sees the empty bottles on the floor
And out the door again
And take a walk around
And see the same things over and over
She buys her cigarettes
And hopes the get her soon
Because it's the same thing over and over

And days drift by
Everyone keeps moving
Nobody seems to see her anymore
She closes her eyes
Never sees the needle
Always picks a dark spot on the wall
And every time it's good
It's fucking beautiful
And it's the same thing over and over
And every time she swears
That this'll be the last
But it's the same thing over and over

We all feel like we are going around in circles sometimes. This song is dedicated to those who find themselves in real trouble sometimes by taking the wrong road.


James Gighi – Trumpets
Chris James – Bass, claps
Andy Mackechnie – Drums, random percussion
Paul Skelton – Random percussion
NH – Acoustic & electric guitars, vocals, bayan, piano, random percussion