I think I put this song in to confuse people. It’s just a repeat melody that came out of a guitar twiddling session one day I was having, and I thought it would make for an interesting variation of Ravel’s Bolero a la “Interviews” style. I cannot be blamed for the classical music influence I grew up with, and if there are similar ities in the melody to other classical pieces then so be it. Classical music grew from composers copying other composers and just putting their own little spice of personality on it. One friend suggested that I change one note in the melody because it sounded too much like Chariots of Fire, and I never heard that similarity, so it just goes to show how music evokes something different in everyone.


Crickets – Themselves
Francisco Galvez – Violins
James Ghigi – Trumpets
Leonardo La Peruta - Saxophones
Andy MacKechnie – Drums
NH – Guitars, bayan, vocals, piano, timpanis