I think of us lying down out by the cypress trees
I think of us when days were long and the living was easy
I think of us in a time gone by that will come again
I think of us when our dreams will be lived by other men

I think of us when we're safe and sound and then guns are gone
I think of us in a hundred years from now and it won't be long
I think of us when we can look into our children's eyes
And say it's all OK, we're going home
There's no more dusty roads and stones
The men in uniforms are gone
The smoke has cleared and there's the sun
Pick your place and take your time
To build those dreams you have inside
It's all OK, your Babylon
Is born again

This is not a love song as its title might suggest. It’s a dedication to the life that the people in Iraq used to have, and hopefully what they will have again one day. It’s hard to imagine what it is like to be displaced and fleeing from your home. But the war in Iraq forced 4 million people to go to neighboring countries, many of them to live in squalid camps, and leave everything they owned behind to be stolen or destroyed by looters. War is human nature at its most demonic, and its innocent victims are simply called the casualties.


Mehran Hajiabadi – Djembe, Bongos
Andy MacKechnie – Drums
Manuel Pardal – Cellos
NH – Cumbus saz, vocals, guitars, kalimba, bass guitar, cajon