Oh my darling I feel like my time has come too soon
There's just one thing I ask of you
That you let me die in my own room

Oh my darling Won't you take my head in your hands
Tell me lies
Tell me that I've always been your only man

Oh my darling, won't you let my hound lie by my side
Because I've been his only friend
And when I'm gone he'll usrely die

Oh my darling won't you tell my unborn child
That he's got his mama's smile
But he's got his daddy's eyes

I think this song is pretty self explanatory, and is definitely an homage to my love of the blues. The lyrics are a little sad I guess, but that’s what the blues is and where it comes from.


Jean Marc Gimenez - Djembe
Andy MacKechnie - Drums, shaker
David Patrick Carter - Backing vocals
Paul Skelton - Tabla
NH - Acoustic & slide guitars, vocals, keyboards, saz cumbus, tambourine, vibraslap