Letters to Istanbul
30 moonlit nights made the sky go white
300 days away from home and I never thought
I'd make it back in time to see my baby born
And even though the bullets flew
I never said nothing so you wouldn't worry baby
And everything is going to be alright

Istanbul. The city of ages where you can feel the energy of the past. Or maybe I lived a past life there. Whatever it is, Istanbul breathes life into me and when I visit I find myself like a child in Disneyland. Musically, the main theme of this song is played on a saz, a typical Turkish stringed instrument that sounds almost percussive. I then invited various instrumentalists to double the melodies and build a more orchestral sound. The little ditty at the end of the song is about the loneliness of being a war pawn.


Francisco Galvez – Violins
James Gighi - Trumpets
Chris James – Claps & backing vocals
Paul Skelton – Darbouka
NH – Saz, acoustic guitars, vocals, shaker, claps