It all started when they came and told me I was free
In warmer days under the sun and washed up by the sea
It all started when I was young and I was on my own
I couldn't say that I was lonely but I might have been alone

And now I'm standing here like I was never gone
And now I'm standing closer to the place I started from
And even stranger is the way I feel
Oh what a day can do to a fool like me

Oh what a day

It could have been the perfect time and place
It could have been the look upon your face
It could have been a million other things
But I think it must have been the change that comes with every wind
Oh what a day

Sometimes we can wake up one day and have a totally new perspective on a situation, or life, or anything. This song is about one day when I realized that things weren’t as bad as they seemed and it was time to move on. What a day.


Francisco Galvez - Violins
James Ghigi - Trumpets
Chris James - Background vocals
Paul Skelton - Cajon, djembe, darbouka
NH - Guitars, vocals, mandolin, bayan, bass guitar, shaker, tambourine